Dr. Ashwin Patkar

It’s my pleasure to take hold of the reins of the NC Society of Addiction Medicine and I aspire to the same dedicated leadership shown most recently by Dr. Paul Martin. I will depend on the talents and energy of all our members to help guide the specialty of Addiction Medicine in North Carolina through the rapidly changing medical landscape.

I’d like to thank my fellow NC Society of Addiction Medicine member and friends for continuing to be a part of NCSAM. I know many of you personally or through the common work we do in caring for patients with addiction. I feel privileged to serve in the position of President of NCSAM.

In this role, my goals are to serve as your link with national ASAM and work closely with you to:

    • increase access and improving the quality of addiction treatment
    • educate the public to raise awareness and reduce stigma
    • support research and prevention
    • ensure addiction medicine physicians get the recognition they deserve in the field of medicine

As your chapter president, I will continue to work closely with like-minded organizations and agencies, in particular the Governor’s Institute, the NC DHHS, SAMHSA and NIDA. I value your support and look forward to working with all of you.

Thank you,

Ashwin A. Patkar, MD, DFASAM

North Carolina Society of Addiction Medicine